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Desire to Inspire

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Desire to Inspire

Annual College Tour

GT takes NYC!  We are so excited to bring you the details for our 2019 College Tour!  We will be traveling to New York, NY and will have the opportunity to visit three different schools in the city – City College of New York, the Fashion Institute of New York and The Julliard School.  We’re grateful for the chance to expose the girls to these schools as they are some of the top ranked in the country, with Julliard standing as the top ranked performing arts institution in the entire world.  Because it’s New York, the girls will also be able to sight-see and visit prominent tourist attractions in the city, including the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.  To say we’re excited is an understatement!  Dates of the tour are Saturday, March 16th – Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, and the registration fee is $125. Don’t miss out!  Space is limited, so register today.



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