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Enroll in Girl Talk Life Prep Academy!

  • Life Prep Academy

    The Girl Talk Life Prep Academy will prepare juniors and seniors in high school for college, career, and/or life, through consecutive weekly sessions, each semester. Juniors and Seniors who participate will also have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship (Career Shadowing for Juniors/Paid Internship for Seniors) and receives a mentor to walk one-on-one with her to help her make positive choices and to guide her through life’s transition.
  • Life Prep Academy Application Requirements

    - $25 Enroll Fee or Income Based Scholarship

    - Two letters of recommendations:
    • * Personal (anyone not related to applicant; preferable the applicant’s mentor)
    • * Teacher, Administrator, School Support Staff, or Church/Youth Leader

    - Report Card (depicting promotion to next grade)

    - Resume

    - Personal Statement (1-2 page essay):
    • *Describe a topic or idea you find intriguing that it makes you lose track of time.
    • * Why is it captivating?
    • * Who or what do you turn to learn more?

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