Girl Talk, Inc. Updates

A Statement from Girl Talk, Inc. about Racism

Over the last several months, our nation, our state and our Knoxville community have been shaken to the core. Not only have we seen a pandemic spread and touch every one of our lives, but we have also been forced to look at some very ugly, very vile, very harsh realities of racism in America.

The uncomfortable truth that our country and community have failed to recognize and admit is that Black people and POC (People of Color) are consistently at a disadvantage through systemic and institutional racism and injustices. Here at Girl Talk, Inc. we stand in the fight with our black and brown brothers and sisters; and we say loud and proud that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Internally, we pride ourselves as an organization on our diverse staff and board, and have started having conversations with each other about race, one another’s experiences, and the role that our white allies can play to help mitigate racism. We want to be a part of the solution, and we are asking our community to join us in this fight. This is not a political movement. This is a social movement. We encourage you to do the work to educate yourself. Don’t make assumptions; and learn about what racism looks like in all of its forms.

At Girl Talk, it is our duty and responsibility to equip our girls with the tools that they need to live their best lives, and that starts with having real and honest conversations with each other, as well as people who don’t look like them; hearing what they face on a daily basis; and empowering them to make the right decisions to keep themselves safe. The beauty of Girl Talk is that our girls come from so many different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. They have shared experiences, as well as different experiences. Yet they come together to appreciate each other for who they are, and not where they’ve been or what they’ve done. We should take notice of how to treat people who don’t look like us just by watching our younger generation.

Join us as we work harder to hold each other accountable. Join us as we work to educate ourselves. Join us as we wake each other up to the horrific injustices that our black and brown families face. We ask that our community look within their own social constructs and recognize the unjust systems. Hold each other accountable, and most importantly, don’t stop.

Help us reach our goal!

With less than 2 weeks until the end of May, Girl Talk, Inc. is calling on our growing body of supporters to give to our organization during National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month! Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help us further our mission of empowering girls to become their best selves by reducing the likelihood of teen pregnancy and helping them to advance educationally. We have currently raised $4,433. Please consider making a donation to help us reach our goal! Every little bit helps! For more information about the campaign and to see how your contribution directly impacts the girls we serve, click the link below.

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Check out the latest updates about Girl Talk’s Fundraising Campaign!

At the beginning of May, Girl Talk, Inc. launched a fundraising campaign in honor of National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Our goal was to raise $5,000 to support our programming. We have been absolutely blown by the outpouring of love and support we have received, and are excited to announce that we are already less than $1,000 away from reaching our goal. Check out the latest information related to NTPPM and learn more about how your gift impacts our ability to serve young girls in our community.

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We’re over half way there!

Girl Talk, Inc. launched a fundraising campaign on May 1st in honor of National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM). We set a goal to raise $5,000, and we are already over half way there. We are blown away with the outpouring of support we have already received! Check out the latest information related to NTPPM and learn more about how your gift impacts our ability to serve young girls in our community.

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Girl Talk, Inc. Quarterly Newsletter

Check out the latest issue of the Girl Talk, Inc. quarterly newsletter! This special edition features highlights of what we have planned over the coming months AND a snapshot of some of our favorite Knox County High School 2020 graduates. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating these exceptional young ladies and wishing them well as they move on to the next phase of their lives – freshman year in college!

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Call for Nominations

2020 Madeline Rogero She-Pro Award

At Girl Talk, Inc., we believe in honoring those who have made an impact in the community; specifically, those who are an example to our girls and young women. Girl Talk, Inc. is seeking nominations for the 2020 Madeline Rogero She-Pro Award. “She-Pro” is a Girl Talk term that describes professional (Pro)women (She)who inspire and empower our girls by sharing their personal and professional career challenges and successes, and impart career development strategies in hopes of exposing and providing our girls with the tools to themselves become successful women. The Madeline Rogero She-Pro Award honors women who are influential in the lives of women and girls as well as well as women who live their values, invest in our community and is a strong leader in our community.

Do you know a woman leader who has been a tremendous asset and invaluable agent of change in our community? Submit your nomination below!

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What does it take to be a Mentor?

Girl Talk, Inc. is currently running a campaign to recruit/retain 90 mentors in 90 days. We began on February 1st, and are currently at 54 newly recruited/retained mentors. As part of this campaign, the Girl Talk Volunteer & Outreach Program Coordinator, Abby Gibbons, put together a virtual presentation called “What does it take to be a mentor?” If you or someone you know has ever thought about mentoring and want to know what it looks like to mentor with Girl Talk, Inc., check out what Abby has to say. Click the button below to learn more!


VIDEO: What does it take to be a mentor?



Ready to apply to be a Girl Talk, Inc. mentor? Complete the application below!

Girl Talk Mentor Application

The Girl Talk, Inc. Mentor Application is NOT compatible with Safari web browser.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Required for background check.
    If yes, please provide the address below.
  • Documentation

    Mentors must provide documentation along with this application validating that you are 21 years of age or older, having a valid driver license, and have auto insurance. These credentials allow you to participate in the Girl Talk mentoring program and to transport youth in any vehicle you are operating.
  • References

    Please list four references who have known you for over a year and observed you with children. Do not include more than one family member.
  • Referrals

    Please provide us with at least three people you think would also make great mentors.
  • Statement of Agreement

    I understand that: 1) The references I listed may be contacted by mail, e-mail or telephone; 2) I am in no way obligated to perform any mentor services; 3) The information I provided may be used to conduct a background check, to include driving records check, criminal background and sexual offender register registry checks and other records where required by local, state, or federal law for mentors working with youth; 4) I will provide documentation to transport youth in the vehicle I operate, which includes a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance; 5) Girl Talk is not obligated to match me with a youth; 6) Other youth organizations where I have worked or volunteered may be contacted as references; and, 7) As part of the enrollment process, I will be asked to provide additional personal information prior to any recommendations for assignment.
  • Consent for Background Check

    1. In connection with my application for volunteer work, I understand that an investigative criminal, sex-offender and motor vehicle report may be requested that will include information as to my character, work habits, performance, and experience, along with reasons for termination for past employment. I understand that as directed by company policy and consistent with the position described, you may be requesting information from public and private sources about my: driving record, credentials, criminal history records and references. 2. I acknowledge that a telephonic facsimile (FAX) or photographic copy shall be as valid as the original. This release is valid for most federal, state and county agencies. 3. By my signature below, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, institution, information service bureau, school, employer, reference, or insurance company contacted by Girl Talk, Inc. to furnish the information described in Section 1. The following information is required by law enforcement agencies and other entities for positive identification purposes when checking public records. It is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Confidentiality Policy

    Girl Talk Inc. respects the confidentiality of “Little sister” mentee and “Big Sister” Mentor records and, with the exception of situations listed below, shares information about mentees and mentors only among the agency professional staff. All records are considered the property of the agency and not the agency workers or mentees or mentors themselves. Records are not available for review by the mentees or mentors. 1. Information will be released to other individuals or non-Girl Talk Inc. organizations only with the “Little sister” mentee or “Big Sister” Mentor’s written consent… 2. Identifying information regarding “Little sister” mentees and “Big Sister” Mentors may be used in agency publications or promotional materials unless the clients or volunteer request otherwise. 3. Members of the Board of Directors or evaluators appointed by the Board have access to client files upon authorization of the Board of Directors. 4. Information shall only be provided to law enforcement officials or the courts pursuant to a valid and enforceable subpoena. 5. Information shall be provided to an agency’s legal counsel in the event litigation or potential litigation involving the agency. 6. State law mandates that suspected child abuse be reported to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. 7. If an agency worker receives information indicating that a “Little sister” mentee or “Big Sister” Mentor may be dangerous to himself or herself or to others, necessary steps may be taken to protect the appropriate party. This may include a medical referral or report to the local law enforcement authorities. 8. At the time a “Little sister” mentee or “Big Sister” Mentor is considered as a match candidate, information is shared between the prospective match parties. The information about the mentor may include such items such as: age, sex, race, religion, interests, hobbies, marital and family status, sexual orientation, living situation, etc. Information about the “Little sister” mentee may include such items such as: age, sex, race, religion, interests, hobbies, family situation, etc. I agree to program participation under the above conditions. I further agree that I will not share identifying confidential information with anyone outside the agency, including family, friends, or community members, without the written consent of the persons involved (parent/caregiver of a mentee, mentee, or the mentor). I also acknowledge that such information should be shared judiciously even within the ranks of Girl Talk Inc., only with persons who have a specific need to know the information, and only in situations where others would not overhear such communication.

Join Us for Girl Talk Virtual Hangouts!


As the first Friday in April quickly approaches, Girl Talk, Inc. is excited to announce that we will host VIRTUAL hangout sessions for our girls in both middle school and high school every Friday night this month! You can join on any phone, tablet or computer through the links below. We encourage all of our mentors to participate if you are available.

Middle School Girls will meet Fridays at 6:30 PM. ***Join your hangout HERE.***
High School Girls will meet Fridays at 8:00 PM. ***Join your hangout HERE.***

Make sure you add the dates below to your calendar, and check out some of the fun activities we have planned to help bring us together while we’re physically apart.

April 3rd
Middle School will be doing a draw/paint your feelings activity // Mental Health Check-In
High School will talk about feelings around everything happening right now // Mental Health Check-In & Tik Tok  Challenge

April 10th
Middle School Game Night!
High School Game Night!

April 17th
Middle School will participate in a Pink Table Talk! We will discuss topics submitted by the girls. Everyone will break off into small groups and Mentors will guide discussion and conversation around each topic.
High School will participate in a Pink Table Talk! We will discuss topics submitted by the girls. Everyone will break off into small groups and Mentors will guide discussion and conversation around each topic.

April 24th
Middle School Movie Night!
High School Movie Night!

Upcoming Virtual Events

Virtual “Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience”

WHEN: April 7th and April 21st from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Register HERE

As part of the Girl Talk 90 for 90 Mentor Recruitment Campaign, our staff are hosting a special online presentation to help answer questions about mentoring and engage potential new Girl Talk mentors.

Join Girl Talk, Inc. staff, Star and Abby, as they walk you behind the scenes of Girl Talk and into the lives of our girls through our signature event – “Desire to Inspire: the Girl Talk Experience.” It will challenge your thinking and open your eyes to the possibilities of what “could be.” We want you to see our girls how we see them and how/why we work so hard to make sure that their choices and actions produce better outcomes for their futures.

Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience” is a free, one hour event, and for the first time ever – we’re hosting the party VIRTUALLY! Register today to reserve your spot in this interactive presentation!

For more information, email Abby Gibbons at Abby@GirlTalkInc.com.


Virtual Girl Talk Life Prep Academy Recruitment Event

WHEN: April 14th and April 16th from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

April 14th Registration – Click HERE

April 16th Registration – Click HERE

Will you be a junior or senior in high school next year (2020/2021)? Join us for an interactive virtual event to learn more about an exciting opportunity for Knox County girls who are interested in seriously planning for the future.

The Girl Talk Life Prep Academy gives girls the opportunity to attend college tours across the country, see and learn about different career opportunities from experienced professionals, and every graduate from the Academy receives a $500 scholarship!

Reserve your spot TODAY to participate in this exciting recruitment event for the Girl Talk Life Prep Academy! Grab a friend, and log in to our Google Hangouts session as we share about this elite opportunity!

To access the virtual event, you MUST register on Eventbrite. For more information, email Star Starks at Star@GirlTalkInc.com.

“Business as Usual”

Girl Talk Provides Virtual Support and Programming

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Girl Talk team is committed to making sure business carries on as usual. We have worked to create new opportunities to continue programming and support mentor/mentee connections while practicing social distancing .

School-Based Updates
While Knox County Schools are closed, our School-Based Program Coordinator is actively reaching out to the parents of the girls who participate in our weekly after school group mentoring sessions. With parental consent, Girl Talk School-Based mentors will connect weekly to the girls in their groups through a video instant messaging app. For the girls who do not have access to a smart phone, we have asked our mentors to send them letters to maintain regular contact. 

1:1 Mentoring & The Girl Talk Life Prep Academy
In order to further support the connections of our mentors and mentees in the Girl Talk 1:1 Mentoring and Girl Talk Life Prep Academy programs, we will host virtual hangouts on Friday nights, starting on April 3rd. Along with their mentors, our girls in middle school will meet at 6:30 PM and our high school girls will meet at 8:00 PM. Each of these “hangouts” will host fun activities and encourage bonding in a time when social connections seem hard to find.

In addition, we will continue our plans to host our annual Girl Talk Life Prep Academy Recruitment event. We will shift the event to an online platform and will offer two sessions – April 14th at 6:30 pm and April 16th at 6:30 pm. Click HERE to reserve your spot today!