Annual Girl Talk Retreat

Every summer, Girl Talk hosts an annual retreat for all of our girls enrolled in the 1:1 Mentoring Program. We pick a different destination each year to give our girls the opportunity to take space from the realties and responsibilities of everyday life. Chaperoned by our staff and dedicated mentors, our girls participate in a variety of group bonding activities and times of reflection to prepare for the school year ahead. These retreats create memories, foster long-lasting relationships, and encourage personal and spiritual growth and development.

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The Girl Talk Sleepover

The Place Where Transformation Happens

We host four sleepovers a year for our middle and high school girls that focus on self-esteem & confidence building, making healthy choices, sister to sister accountability, and other relevant adolescent topics & issues our girls may face.  Our sleepovers are a safe place for girls to just be themselves without judgment or condemnation.  They are able to have open, honest, and raw conversations about current adolescent challenges and experiences, and receive advice from their mentors and their peers.

College Tours

Girl Talk plans annual college tours to raise the awareness and importance of education and college. It allows us to challenge our girls to begin thinking about their future and how important education is to reaching their goals. Our college tours also allow our girls to see themselves as college students with the hopes of it eventually becoming a reality to them. We introduce the girls to a variety of postsecondary education opportunities, and prioritize exposing them to different options. “If we can get a girl to see the value in herself, then she will begin to see the value in her future.”

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Career Tours

We partner with various businesses in our community to provide their employees an opportunity to inspire and empower our girls by sharing personal and professional career challenges and successes, as well as to impart important professional development strategies for success.  Girl Talk plans Career Tours to expose our girls to a variety of different job opportunities so that they are aware of their career options.  It is our hope that through the Career Tours, girls will discover careers that align with their passions and interests, and they will make goals to pursue the path of their choice!

Girl Talk Fashion Show Gala

Our Fashion Show Gala is a signature Girl Talk event that begins with a cocktail hour, and then transitions into dinner, live entertainment, and an upscale fashion show!

Professional women and our Girl Talk girls work the runway showing poise, confidence, and elegance all while having fun and engaging the crowd with their whimsical spirits! Then, we close the night with a boisterous dance party!

This event is one that you do not want to miss. Make it a date night! Bring a friend! Come dance the night away with the Girl Talk Family.

Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience

Girl Talk would like to invite you to Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience… an introspective view into Girl Talk and the lives of the girls we serve. The life of a Girl Talk girl can be both positive and negative. People often say that “kids don’t go through much” or “just wait until they are grown and then they will really see how hard it is”. At Girl Talk, we see it differently. We get to witness both the joys and struggles that our girls experience, and we are here to insure that they live their best lives possible.

Desire to Inspire: the Girl Talk Experience is a free, one hour event that lets you into the behind the scenes of Girl Talk and into the lives of our girls. It will challenge your thinking and open your eyes to the possibilities of what “could be”. We want you to see our girls how we see them and how/why we work so hard to make sure that their choices and actions produce better outcomes for their futures.

The Girl Talk Experience on the road. We can bring Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience to you. If your church, small group, business, or community group would like to learn more about Girl Talk and the girls we work with just give us a call. We would be happy to come out and spend time with you.  We could even make it into a house party.  If you would like to invite friends over to your house, we can bring the Girl Talk Experience to you!

Cater to You

Girl Talk, Inc.’s Cater to You Signature Event was designed to show our girls how special they are, and typically takes place around Valentine’s Day each year. Our 1:1 Mentors spend the night catering to their mentees by serving them, teaching them proper table etiquette, and bonding through fellowship.

Mentor/Mentee Mingles

Throughout the year, Girl Talk, Inc. hosts our Mentor/Mentee Mingles to give all of our girls and their mentors the opportunity to come together as a group and create a sense of community. These outings are designed to help strengthen the bond between the mentor and mentee and provide space for them to spend quality time with their peers in a group setting with all of our other 1:1 participants.

Mentor Reconnect

It is important to us that our Mentors feel equipped to be the best support they can be for our girls. Girl Talk, Inc.’s Mentor Reconnect is a day of training that helps prepare each 1:1 Mentor for another year of mentoring. The Mentors have the time to bounce outing ideas off of one another, voice any concerns that they may have, and mingle with other mentors in the 1:1 Program. We end the day with a fun activity for everyone!

“Before Girl Talk I didn’t think that God could love me.  But on the Retreat He reassured me that everything that happened to me happened for a reason, and one day I will find out why.  Now I know that God loves me even with everything that I have been through.”

Corey, Girl Talk Graduate