The Grit Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible by Hard Knox Pizza. The Hard Knox Scholars Program was established to provide young women with a support system designated to assist them through challenges many young women face while pursuing their life’s dream. Alexa Sponcia’s journey birthed a passion to ensure that every girl with a dream is afforded an opportunity to reach not only their full potential but also their success of tomorrow. That is why each year, one student will be chosen to receive a scholarship as well as non-monetary support to help them navigate the difficulties of achieving their dream.

Scholarship Requirement:

  • Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • What is your why?
    • How does your “why” relate to your life’s story?
    • Who is your hero? Who have you looked up to to get to this point?
    • What do you plan to achieve in life?

Award Amount: $2,000

*The amount awarded will be given directly to the student’s chosen institution.

Deadline to Apply: April 4, 2024